Continental Catalyst Ltd.

were founded in 2001 and the company is dynamically growing in the last 10 years. It has been established by a team of professionals having many years of experience in environmental and automotive catalytic products. The Company is a pure aftermarket catalyst and catalytic converter manufacturer, located in Hungary which is a very advanced geographical location in Middle Europe.

Perfect quality is the target of Continental Catalysts’s marketing strategy which has long privileged Research and Innovation factor in order to develop a range of products in perfect harmony with the requirements of the environmental needs and the international market.

Expertise, reliability and excellent human resources, along with the management’s high standards, completes the picture of an industrial organization dedicated in serving the market where it has achieved excellent results.

The flexibility of the Company is guaranteed by advanced production systems and highly specialized employees are enable the simultaneous management of the great number of different articles that are punctually delivered to customers.

The following catalysts and catalytic converters are our most important products:

- Loaded catalysts for aftermarket
- Catalytic converters for aftermarket
- Catalyst mantels for aftermarket
- Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)